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About the artist

Hi! I’m Hannah, a watercolor artist and journalist based out of Rocklin, California.

I draw inspiration from nature, my faith, motherhood, and feminism. For me, these topics are constantly overlapping and informing each other.

I’ve been learning to live with the ups and downs of several chronic illnesses while trying to navigate being a single mom to two young girls. It is humbling and challenging, but through my faith in God, I am learning how to find joy regardless of my circumstances. Often my work is inspired by difficult circumstances, but also by a need to express hope, joy, gratitude, and wonder.

It’s my hope that when others see my work, they are able to pause long enough to feel peace and feel connected to the universe — each other, nature, or divinity.

As a journalist, I spent many years telling the stories of other creatives, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to finally be on the other side.

To collaborate on a journalism, arts advocacy, or art project, please send me a message.

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